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Simple & moisturizing skincare for men


With Father’s Day coming up, we’ve put together a simple guide for natural & organic skincare for men of all ages. Discover the best facial care for men – and remember that all of Tromborg’s assortment of body care can be used no matter gender and age.

Are you lacking inspiration for a skincare routine or do you need gift ideas for a man in your life? Discover a simple skincare routine for men and find out how the products protect against dry and irritated skin in 3 simple steps.


It doesn’t need to be complicated to take good care of your skin. Cleansing Foam is a mild and lush foam that gently removes impurities while protecting against dryness and irritation. Cleansing Foam is quite the multi-product as it is not only a gentle, nourishing cleanser for your morning and evening routine but can also be used as a shaving foam. The cleanser contains antibacterial and antiseptic qualities from the hyssop plant and aloe vera gives the foam calming and anti-irritant effects.


Facial Mist Calendula Water is a soothing mist to be used after shaving and/or cleansing. Use the facial mist after cleansing your skin with Cleansing Foam and before using a facial cream. With its soothing and healing properties, it’s the perfect aftershave for avoiding irritated skin and redness after shaving. For the same reason, it is also an aftersun favourite. Calendula Water is extracted from organically grown calendula officinalis, also known as marigold. Combined with rose and aloe vera, this extract energises and softens the skin.



Deluxe Face Cream Day & Night Moisturizer is a dual-purpose day and night facial cream that rounds off this simple skincare routine for men with lots of moisture. Macadamia oil and shea butter nourish and soften your skin, where collagen from the sea and a carefully balanced cocktail of amino acids strengthen the connective tissue and cell structure. Improves skin hydration so you avoid dry skin and is suitable for everyone which makes it a must-have as part of any simple skincare routine.

Cleansing Foam, Facial Mist Calendula Water and Deluxe Face Cream Day & Night Moisturizer are for the man, who wants a simple skincare routine that ensures clean and moisturized skin.


And one final tip: Tromborg’s Lip Cure is the ultimate treatment for dry and chapped lips. It’s a shine-free lip cream, that is suitable for everyone and perfect for when you’re on the move. The lip treatment contains only the purest, natural ingredients – macadamia, shea butter, aloe vera and vitamin E – for their moisturizing, softening, healing and protective effects.