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Tutorial: Spring look

Spring has arrived and the sun's rays are slowly beginning to pamper us. In that occasion, we have created a beautiful spring and summer look, which gives the skin a light and naturally beautiful glow.


The skin often becomes more glowy in the summer, and it is therefore not always necessary to cover with too much foundation –– if you, however, have some exposed or problematic areas, then our Mineral Foundation is fantastic, as it just settles as a fine layer of perfect skin.

The look begins with our Baked Mineral Silk to highlight and strengthen the skin's natural, beautiful glow. It is applied in the big C (top of the forehead and down towards the cheekbone), under the eyebrow, down along the tip of the nose and on the edge of the lip. 

It's a great product to highlight facial features in the most beautiful way. At the same time, it is important to point out that even though Laura (in the video) is young, Baked Mineral Silk must be applied in exactly the same way regardless of age – neither the product nor the application method is age-specific.


The next step is the multi-product Creamy Lip Cheek & Eye Misty Brown, which as the name suggests can be used in all three places. With this, you are in principle well covered and do not need much else in the summer bag. First, it is simply applied to the eyelid with the index finger, where its fine and delicate tones are especially pronounced. Keep the Misty Brown colour below the globe line so that it does not get too far up and stays easy to control (see the video). Of course, it can also be applied with our vegan brush Brush #2, which is especially advantageous when Misty Brown is applied under the eye close to the waterline.

We also have the multi-product Creamy Lip Cheek & Eye in the colour Peach Puff, which is the epitome of spring and freshness in one colour. The product gives lips, cheeks and eyes a delicate glow, which very much contributes to the complete look. It can advantageously be applied on top of Misty Brown on the eyelid, lips, and cheeks to freshen up the look a bit.


Follow up with Blush Peach, which with its beautiful peach-coloured tone gives the cheeks a delicate blush. It is applied to the cheekbone and can also be used by the middle of the ear and down towards the mouth to lift and shape the face. The perfect product to fix the cheeks with a fresh touch. However, if you feel that a little too much colour is coming on, then you can always use Baked Mineral Silk to soften the tones a bit. 


Our Silk works as "the perfect eraser", as it easily and naturally replaces a little more colourful shades with a wonderful glow.

Finish the look with our Lip Cute Clear Pink, which with its content of organic care oils and pigments pampers and nourishes your lips. Clear pink is a fine transparent shade with a touch of pink, which gives the lips the most beautiful shine. At the same time, it does not stick and is incredibly comfortable to wear. Clear Pink looks nice on anyone with its cute summer colour.


An easy and natural look that fits perfectly with the slightly more sun-kissed skin during summer.