Ilirida’s makeup favourites for a glowy look with pure minerals and a natural finish.
Before applying her makeup, Ilirida starts with Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream and Lip Cure. These two skincare bestsellers give you a moisturized base for applying your subsequent makeup products and are also packed with bio-active ingredients that are good for your skin.
Mineral Foundation provides great coverage when applied in large, circular motions. Apply the foundation gradually in thin layers until you are satisfied with the result. In winter, you need to apply a lighter shade. Vanilla is a popular choice.
Brow Fix Brown is a universal colour that is great for all brows. The gel fixates your brows, making sure that they have the perfect shape all day long.
Blush Vintage is perfect for mirroring the natural shadows of the face. Apply it in a line from the ear down toward your mouth. If you want a brighter look, you can add Blush Peach to freshen up your cheeks.
Baked Minerals nourish and add warmth to your skin. Ilirida's two favourites are Silk, which illuminates the skin and is a fantastic highlighter, and Bronze which gives you a sun-kissed look and is great for contouring. Ilirida also uses Bronze as an eyeshadow and for adding colour to her neck.
She finishes the look with Lip Cute Mauve – the lip gloss with the beautiful winter colour that is nourishing for your lips.