The first product that cannot be left off this list is Tromborg’s Mineral Foundation, made of 100% natural minerals. This loose mineral powder foundation acts as a sheer layer of perfect skin, leaving your skin looking naturally flawless and glowing.
The trick is to apply light layers and to dust additional layers onto the more problematic areas. To lay the best foundation, I recommend using our Deluxe Kabuki Brush. Just remember not to use too much powder – it’s better to dust any excess into the sink than on your skin. One of the best things about Tromborg’s Mineral Foundation is that it looks like natural, flawless skin and doesn’t cake.
Tromborg’s Baked Mineral Silk is one of my absolute favourite products – using pure organic ingredients to provide a wonderful glow. The baked minerals are best applied using a large brush, such as Tromborg’s Brush #5. Dust it onto the high points of your face and down the bridge of your nose using soft brush strokes. This multi-use product works equally well on clavicles, arms and legs, etc. – you are limited only by your imagination.
Our baked minerals also include the shade Bronze, which is great for creating that sun-kissed look and contouring. So here is yet another excellent multi-use product to inspire your imagination.
The next product you simply won’t be able to live without is our “cheeks in a tin”, better known as our awesome Blush in the colour Vintage. Apply this universal shade to your cheeks, starting by your ear and ending at your mouth – and, if you’re in the mood, to the apples of your cheeks for a fresher look. This is an exceptional product for creating shadows and shaping your face. The result is a natural, healthy and fresh look.
An eyeshadow that also suits everyone is Tromborg’s Shadow Velvet. The dusty greyish-brown shade accentuates your natural eye colour while still being discreet, sumptuous and blending perfectly into your skin. If you want a deeper and more intense look, you can combine it with the colour Baked Mineral Eye Shadow Shade. Easy to apply, no under-eye fallout, and perfect for a stunning evening look.
Tromborg’s Mascara Black is an organic test winner that creates a beautiful, natural look with long, curled, full lashes in a few simple strokes. The trick is to coat the outer lashes to create sexy almond-shaped cat eyes, instead of only focusing on the middle section. This works particularly well if you want to avoid heavy eyelids.
Tromborg’s Brow Fix is a must for achieving beautiful eyebrows with the right shape. Simple and effective, a few upward strokes is all it takes to leave your brows looking flawless all day long. A true favourite.
Finally, I have to mention our latest stroke of genius – Tromborg’s Lip Cute. A natural combination of skincare and makeup with organic ingredients and plant extracts that are magic for your lips. Lip Cute is non-sticky and softens, nourishes and provides optimal moisture. This superb lip product comes in 10 different colours/textures, ranging from a semi-transparent to a more pigment-rich variant – with a magical, long-lasting shine. My favourite for a lovely, natural-looking everyday wear is the shade Mauve, which gives you a subtle colour and the perfect glow.