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Tutorial: Baked Minerals

At Tromborg, we are frequently asked about the difference between our four Baked Minerals: Highlight, Golden, Silk and Bronze. In this blogpost, Marianne Tromborg guides you through and explains how each individual Baked Mineral product’s silky soft texture is used for an easy and natural makeup


Our baked minerals are processed in the most gentle way, and with their content of organic meadowfoam and shea butter, ensure gentle care of the skin. Makeup and skin care in one and the same product – even for sensitive skin.


Basically, our Baked Minerals are divided such that there are two for natural highlight and two for more contour and glow. Baked Mineral Silk and Highlight are in lighter colours, used to highlight by applying the shades on the highest points of the face, whereas Baked Mineral Golden and Bronze are made with the purpose of creating a beautiful contour and a sun- kissed skin. However, all four of them function as multi-products and can be applied in several places, which you can learn more about by reading the rest of the blog post below.



Baked Mineral Silk


Baked Mineral Silk looks like cream and velvet on the skin. Its wonderful texture makes it simply melt into the skin. The fantastic thing about this product is that it actually suits all skin tones. Silk is primarily suitable for creating a natural highlight. It is applied with our vegan Brush #5 on the upper points of the face (Marianne calls these high points “the big C”, which is also displayed in the video).


Silk can be used down the back of the nose, on the upper lip or inside the corner of the eye. If you want a little highlight on your collarbones, arms, etc., then you can also use it there. Baked Mineral Silk easily and naturally makes the skin appear in its best shape – it is not too glamourous, but a product that nicely highlights one's natural features.


Baked Mineral Highlight


Baked Mineral Highlight is one tone lighter than Silk and can advantageously be applied to shine up a look. Like Silk, Highlight is applied under the eyebrow, inside the corner of the eye and on the edge of the lip.

When applied to the highest points on the face, one should be aware that the lighter colour gives a slightly more glamorous look. Nevertheless, like everything else in Tromborg's product range, it will never appear as a heavy layer of excess makeup, as it naturally melts into the skin.



Baked Mineral Golden


Baked Mineral Golden has the most beautiful golden colour, perfectly fit for sun-kissed summer skin. It can generally be used all over the face to give glow and energy – especially on the cheeks to create a fresh and warm look. Marianne also uses Golden as an eye shadow on the entire eyelid and generously under the eye as it really adds a beautiful golden-brown colour. At Tromborg, we think Golden is alpha omega in the makeup bag if you are going for a sun-kissed, glowy look.

Baked Mineral Bronze


Baked Mineral Bronze is like Golden a beautiful sunshine-colour, but works even better for contour, with which you can easily and naturally shape the face as you like. Where Golden can be applied to the entire face to add glow and warmth to the skin, Marianne recommends applying bronze in selected places to create beautiful, natural shadow effects. Bronze can therefore be used as a Blush or to frame the face in the most natural way – the perfect summer Blush to highlight any summer colour.


Don’t forget, however, that our baked minerals lend themselves to free play. Explore, dab, mix and use the delicious caring minerals how you feel like, where you feel like – there are no rules! They cam be applied with the fingers or, for a more sophisticated and perfect result, with our vegan brush Brush #5.



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