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We all need that go-to facial oil. Tromborg’s cold-pressed Essential Oils are completely organic and will provide the necessary nourishment for your skin to look healthy and radiant. Learn more about nature’s best cleanser and find out which type of oil fits your skin.

Bringing the essence of skincare to you


Tromborg’s Essential Oils are cold-pressed, once serving the plants they originated from and now brought directly to your nightstand. Just like all of Tromborg’s products, our oils are completely organic and made to protect the integrity of your skin both today and tomorrow.


By integrating Essential Oils into your skincare routine, you’ll experience a deeply cleansing and moisturizing effect on your skin. And on top of that, you’ll have an extra glow in your day-to-day activities. It’s an all-year-round essential that you can successfully combine with the Sun Primer DNA Protection Cream in Summer and the Below 10 degrees Cream in Winter.


Nature’s best cleanser


Tromborg’s organic oils are created from the belief that nature alone will bring us superior skincare. Having been developed directly by our in-house biochemist team, these oils have a base consisting of macadamia oil, rosehip seed oil, safflower oil, and kukui nut oil as well as calendula and vitamin E.


Focusing on the wonders of nature, our oils work exactly like the organisms they were extracted from. In many ways, skin and plant tissue are not so different. The oil brings nutrients to the plant cells and draws toxins out. The exact same thing happens when the oil reacts with your skin. With a few drops of oil, you’ll have nature’s best cleanser that will restore your skin to its best possible condition.

What it means for you


While each oil consists of complex compounds, the benefits it brings to your skin are simple: You’ll experience reduced fine lines and hyperpigmentation through the oils’ anti-inflammatory properties and deeply cleansing features. The base of the oils ensures calm and clarified skin, while the distinct features of each oil bring unique benefits.


After all, there’s a reason we call our facial oils essential. Facial oils will elevate any skincare routine and are quick and easy to apply in the morning before you rush out the door. Use it as a base under your daily moisturizer or as a seal to top off your routine.

The only question left is: Which of Tromborg’s organic oils do you choose?


Our 3 facial oils have unique properties that are tailored to different skin types.


All three oils have a shared base consisting of macadamia oil, rosehip seed oil, safflower oil and kukui nut oil as well as calendula and vitamin E.

Face Oil Stimulating

Grapefruit, vanilla, rosemary, lemongrass and lemon balm


Perfect if… You prefer to start the day strong with an energising oil that is deeply cleansing and reduces skin irritation.

Face Oil Anti-Stress

Lavender and vanilla


Perfect if… You’re looking for a calming self-care experience with a product that reduces tension in your skin and brings balance to your routine.

Face Oil Detox

Eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint Mitcham


Perfect if… You have sensitive skin or are prone to acne and still want a quality product that gives you healthy-looking and radiant skin.


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