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Must-try lip products for summer

Balm, gloss or lipstick. While there are many products and colours to choose from, one thing is certain: There’s definitely a perfect lip product out there for you. Discover 3 Tromborg lip favourites and explore cute colours for the summer season.


Even though you apply lipstick and lip gloss with the final look in mind, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot also take great care of your lips at the same time. All Tromborg’s lip products contain organic ingredients with unique nourishing benefits that moisturize and soften your lips.

Lip gloss matching the season

Lip Cutes are incredibly easy to apply for a lasting and elegant finish and will make your lips appear bigger. Further, they are packed with active plant oils, aloe vera and Vitamin E for optimal moisture. Keep your favourite Lip Cute in your bag for a night out or a day at the beach to be guaranteed fresh-looking and beautiful lips. They give your lips an amazing shine, won’t feel sticky and are long-lasting despite warm temperatures.


Here are some of our favourite summer Lip Cutes…

Clear Pink

A transparent shade with a touch of pink with the most beautiful shine. The perfect match for your summer dress.


A semi-transparent beautiful coral shade with a touch of shimmer. Ideal for an evening look.


A must-have for the neutral day look with a touch of shimmer that will match your skin’s natural summer glow.

Lipstick made easy

The lipstick is a timeless favourite for summer parties or when dining out. With our popular Lipstick Jumbo Pens, it has never been easier to apply lipstick. The high colour quality allows you to control the intensity of your final result with extreme precision. For fuller lips or perfectly traced lips, apply a lip liner in a matching colour before your lipstick. For an extra shiny finish, top off your look with a Lip Cute.


Our summer recommendations…

#5 Rose/beige

This rose/beige nuance with a matte finish is an excellent addition to a soft and natural-looking summer look.


#10 Red

The iconic red shade is a true classic for an evening look– or use it to pep up your daily makeup.


#14 Coral



Lip care with a berry shine

If you prefer a low-key and all-natural look, Lip Balm Berry has a moisturizing and healing effect while giving your lips a delicate berry shine. Lip Balm Berry is ideal for the everyday “no makeup” look and can stand alone as a nourishing balm. Your lips will benefit from delicate ingredients such as organic aloe vera, shea butter, castor oil, wild carrot and raspberry oil.



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