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Tutorial: Mascara & Brow Fix

Mascara and Brow Fix is a popular combination that enhances your eyes and brows beautifully while ensuring a natural look. The two makeup essentials play an important part in how our eyes look overall. This is Tromborg’s simple tutorial on how to get the most out of Mascara and Brow Fix.


The popular Brow Fix makes it easy to style your brows for a long-lasting look with beautiful and perfectly sculpted brows in just a few strokes. The goal is to have your brows enhance your features while appearing natural.


For perfect brows, you need a good set of tweezers and Brow Fix Clear or Brown.


Correctly plucked eyebrows provide a visibly enhanced result. Start by brushing your brows upwards using Vegan Brush #7. Never pluck the hairs above your brows, only under the eyebrow. Remove all the small hairs growing downwards toward the eye and pluck so that your eyebrow forms a sharp upward line, almost like a seagull wing.


Next, you sculpt and fixate your brows using Brow Fix. Start by using upward strokes until you reach the highest point of the brow, and then sweep the brush downwards for perfectly fixed brows. Sweep on a single coat to lightly accentuate your eyebrows, or brush on additional layers for a more defined shape.


Brow Fix leaves your brows looking perfectly natural and in the correct shape.


Brow Fix can also be used to revitalise your lashes.


A mascara will emphasize your eye colour and form and give you coveted long lashes.


Accentuate your eyelashes by making them more intense by applying several light coats of mascara – instead of a single thick layer. Start at the base of your lashes and work the mascara from side to side, and then gently draw it out.


For big, slightly bulging eyes, only use mascara on your upper lashes with emphasis on the outermost lashes. If you feel it looks too bare, use a little brown or clear mascara on the lower lashes. Focus on the outer, upper lashes for beautiful almond-shaped eyes. Available in

black, brown or Volume Black.


Prevent your mascara from drying out by twisting the wand slightly instead of pumping it in and out of the tube.

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