At Tromborg, we guide you on creating a natural and gorgeous dewy makeup look
The basis of any beautiful look should start with Tromborg’s exquisite Mineral Foundation – rich in natural and nourishing minerals. Dust on the light powder with our Deluxe Kabuki Brush using large gentle circular motions for perfect skin with a natural glow.
Then sweep on Blush Vintage from the middle of your ear to your mouth for an optimal shadow effect – and if the mood takes you also on the apples of your cheeks for a fresh glow. Blush Vintage is magical for shaping your face and accentuating its natural contours.
For extra glow and a lovely shine, apply Baked Mineral Silk to the highest points of your face and down the bridge of your nose using soft strokes. The baked minerals give your skin a healthy, fresh radiance, which is why they also work wonders for your clavicles, arms and legs, should you feel in the mood.
Creamy Lip Cheek Eye Powder Misty Brown is the ultimate multi-product that can be used all over. Using a finger, lightly dab it onto the upper part of the apples of your cheeks, eyelids and lips for a fresh spring look.