Irritated skin might react suddenly and drastically, which is why it’s crucial with a gentle and calming skincare routine. It’s particularly important to add moisture without clogging pores.
Skincare products formulated to treat redness calm and soothe the skin and make it appear clearer and firmer. A very simple routine using few products is a good starting point for achieving visibly less irritated skin and reducing redness. Tromborg’s Below 10 Degrees Cream is, despite its name, an ideal all-year-round cream for rosacea-like conditions and redness. Use morning and evening.
Start with Herbal Cleansing Water, which is an oil- and alcohol-free cleanser that cleanses deeply yet gently while also moisturizing. Dab it on using a cotton pad and there is no need to rinse with water afterwards. For optimal moisture, supplement with Anti-Aging Glow Serum, which you can apply either before or after – a small drop is enough. These three simple steps, morning and evening, are enough to protect your skin, prevent redness and provide optimal moisture.