• We love organic plants and the wonderful cold pressed essential oils we source from them. At Tromborg, we have been working with pure essential oils for decades and take a scientific approach to this. In addition to their many beneficial effects on our skin, these oils also offer aromatherapeutic qualities known for centuries for their nourishing and healing properties.

Pure plant power

Pure essential oils serve plants’ needs before they serve ours. What they do for us, they have already done for plants. Natural essential oils are a complex mixture of hundreds of different compounds created by nature. They control the production of the plant’s vitamins and enzymes and generally regulate its functions.

Also known as the “lifeblood” of plants, essential oils act as “messengers” within the plant that help to coordinate and stimulate vital activities. The substances of these oils circulate in the plant tissue, pass through cell walls, bring nutrients into the cells and draw toxins out. The same happens in our skin, where essential oils bring oxygen to the cells and carry toxins back out. In fact, essential oils are one of nature’s best cleaners. Nature’s purpose for giving us humans aromatic molecules is to give us vitality, harmonious balance and protection.

Aromatherapy is healing for body and soul.

Aromatherapy oils

Pure essential oils in the form of aromatic compounds (molecular ring systems) possess what is known as homeostatic intelligence. They are constantly working to restore and maintain our body’s balance, including our skin – homeostasis means equilibrium.

A pure essential oil with aromas from a beautiful plant has many positive effects, also for our skin – and is therefore not just another oil. The author Gertrude Stein once said with characteristic precision that “a rose is a rose is a rose.” That was her way of expressing what cannot be expressed: the inherent beauty, feel and scent of a rose.

  • When you smell flowers, you are smelling their essential oils – or in fact their natural aromatic ingredients, aroma rings – and it only takes two seconds for a scent to travel from your nose to the part of your brain that controls emotion and memory. Scents soak into our senses.

It is important to know that any scent referred to as a natural fragrance can only come from pure essential oils rather than from inactive, synthetic scent molecules produced in a laboratory. Only essential oils have aromatherapeutic properties and only pure essential oils have beneficial effects that help us relax, focus or increase our energy while also being used to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. Only such pure essential oils are capable of improving our health.



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