Aroma Therapy Body Lotion 15th Anniversary

Aroma Therapy Body Lotion 15th Anniversary

With the launch of our 15th anniversary scent, you can now get Tromborg’s magical moisturizer in pump form. It still feels like whipped cream and velvet for your body and soul – now with our popular scent that includes mandarin and mint.


  • 1-4 days delivery.
  • Free Tromborg Treats from EUR 69.00
The olus oil and shea butter, both rich in triglycerides, serve to soften and smooth your skin. Aloe vera alleviates skin irritation and sun damage, moisturizes and reduces signs of aging. The excellent properties of several other oils have also won them a place in Tromborg’s Body Lotion.

Mix & Match

Exclusive body set

Body Set Firming is cellulite’s enemy number one. Dry brushing effectively combats cellulite, increases blood circulation and revitalises skin – and paired with Anti-Cellulite Treatment Serum, with its whopping 45 active ingredients, leaves your skin visibly firmer and smoother.