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Tutorial: The perfect base

As a former makeup artist, Marianne Tromborg often gets asked about what an easy and natural makeup base looks like. The answer is that a few Tromborg products will get you a perfect base – even when it comes to mature skin.


Mineral Foundation, Creamy Lip Cheek & Eye Misty Brown og Baked Mineral Silk are all you need to heighten and simplify your everyday makeup look.



Every base begins with our popular Mineral Foundation which is based on 100% natural minerals and is available in various versions that fit all skin tones. This foundation is even suited for sensitive or problematic skin due to its minerals and healing nature.

This product gives you a concealer, foundation and powder all in one product. In short, you’ll get a product that is good for your skin, free of oil and feels completely weightless on your skin.

Apply the foundation with our Deluxe Kabuki Brush in circular motions to achieve a delicate finish. The trick is to apply small amounts at a time in thin, fine layers. Keep the excess off your skin and sprinkle it into the lid if you feel like there’s too much on your brush. This method ensures that the foundation won’t clog your pores and instead, settle as a fine layer. Stay patient when you apply the foundation and be mindful of blemishes. Your skin will look naturally flawless.


Now it’s time for Creamy Lip Cheek & Eye Misty Brown, more specifically the so-called “17 seconds look”, named so due to its many means of application. Don’t be alarmed by the product’s slightly brownish colour. It will give you a natural glow and shine.


Use two fingers or the Brush #2, to apply the product on your entire eyelid. Afterwards, you can apply it below the eyes to create a harmonic look which frames the eyes naturally. You might also want to fixate the product with a firmer eyeshadow if you want the look to last for an entire day. Alternatively, simply apply an extra amount of the product occasionally during the day.

As implied by the name, Creamy Lip Cheek & Eye is also makeup for your cheeks. It will give a natural, subtle and fresh look to your cheeks. If you prefer more light and shadow, you can supply with our Blush Vintage. End this step by dabbing the Creamy Lip Cheek & Eye on your lips and, if you want more shine and colour, finish with one of our moisturizing Lip Cutes.


Last but not least, we have our amazing Baked Mineral Silk. A true signature product from Tromborg, which is reflected in its ingredients consisting of organic meadowfoam seed oil, shea butter and vitamin E.


With its intense colours and silky texture, Baked Mineral Silk will enhance all skin tones and your skin will have that perfect airbrushed finish and radiant glow.

Baked Mineral Silk is best applied by using a large brush, such as Tromborg’s Brush #5.

Start by focusing on the highest points of your face by drawing a large C (for reference, see the video at the top of the post). Follow up with soft brush strokes drown the bridge of your nose and apply the Baked Mineral in the corner of your eye using your finger for a bit of extra glow. This multi-use product works equally well on clavicles, arms and legs, etc. – you are limited only by your imagination. One thing is certain: Baked Mineral Silk deserves a regular spot in your bag, so you can always achieve a natural glow and energetic look. 


These three products constitute Marianne’s simple, natural and beautiful base. Feel free to mix and match the Tromborg products that best suit your needs and mood.



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