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Tutorial: Truly Natural

Some makeup essentials are hard to live without. Our brand-new Truly Natural set contains 3 of such essentials and makes the skin appear completely unpainted.

Many of you have asked for a makeup set with basic products that provide a natural look, where the makeup is not noticeable but simply enhances your skin texture and overall look. Truly Natural is the ultimate ‘no makeup’ makeup look with three mineral products that make your skin appear completely natural and with a healthy glow.


We guide you through the easy look that you can buy at a discounted price here.

Step 01

Mineral Concealer is made from the purest minerals. It conceals imperfections and under-eye circles naturally while simultaneously being healing and nourishing.


Incredibly easy to apply and blends in beautifully for natural-looking coverage with a brush, makeup sponge or your fingers on impurities, redness or similar. Choose between two colours, #1 & #2, where #2 matches the darker Mineral Foundation colours, and #1 matches the lighter shades.

Step 02

Our bestseller, Mineral Foundation, is made from 100% pure minerals. Provides natural coverage and acts as a sheer layer of perfect skin, leaving your skin looking naturally flawless and glowing. Moreover, the healing effects of the pure minerals in the foundation also make it the best choice for sensitive or acne-prone skin.


Easy to apply with our Deluxe Kabuki Brush in large, circular motions for a delicate and uniform finish. Add more layers if you want extra coverage.

Step 03

To create that final magical chic touch of glow, you apply the Baked Mineral Silk. A true Tromborg signature product that is enriched with organic meadowfoam, seed oil and shea butter to gently nourish the skin. With its intense colour and silky texture, it’s designed to enhance any skin tone. Baked Mineral Silk gives your skin that perfect airbrushed finish and a radiant glow – discreet and incredibly beautiful.


Apply in ‘The Perfect C’ which goes from the forehead down along the cheekbones with Vegan Brush #5. This multi-use product works equally well on clavicles, arms and legs, etc. – you are limited only by your imagination.

Use this natural, low-key look for the weekdays or build on top of the look with your own favourites, maybe summer lips or a festive smokey eyes look.



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