Balm, gloss or lipstick. The opportunities are abundant, but one thing is for sure: There’s definitely a favourite lip product for you among Tromborg’s selection of nourishing and beautiful lip products.


Lip Cute is a lipgloss that gives you the perfect glossy finish without feeling sticky. It contains several different organic plant extracts/oils – all of which serve to soften, nourish and deeply moisturize your lips – the perfect, beautiful finish in whatever colour you prefer.


With our popular lipstick jumbo pens, it has never been easier to apply lipstick. The high colour quality makes it easy to control the intensity of the final result. For a plumper look or perfectly traced lips, it’s a good idea to add a lipliner in a matching colour. For extra shine, finish the look with a Lip Cute.


If you prefer to keep your look completely neutral and toned down, Lip Balm Berry is an amazing moisturizing lip balm that will give your lips a discreet berry shine. Lip Balm Berry is an essential for the everyday look or it can stand alone as nourishing lip care.