Mens’ skin also needs good care. Tromborg skincare products are suitable for both women and men, and here ’s our best tips for a simple routine suited for men.


Men, like women, need a good cleansing routine to keep their skin in peak condition. An easy, natural and quick solution is Tromborg Herbal Cleansing Water followed by Deluxe Face Cream Day & Night Moisturizer. This simple routine takes no time, but is highly efficient and leaves your skin clean, moisturized and rich in vitality and energy. Both products are mild and gentle on the skin, and include only the best ingredients for optimal performance. What’s more, it only involves a few quick and easy steps.


Tromborg’s Cleasing Foam is excellent as a shaving foam. In addition to smelling gorgeous, Cleansing Foam is a mild foam that is gentle on the skin and therefore doesn’t irritate while shaving.
Facial Mist Calendula Water is the perfect aftershave, as it soothes, heals and moisturizes. A single spray is enough to avoid irritated skin.
If your skin tends to react to and get irritated by shaving, Below 10 Degrees Cream is a superb solution as it soothes and heals. As with the other moisturizers mentioned here, this one is also easy to apply and instantly absorbed – without feeling greasy.
Finally, our Lip Cure also deserves a mention, since it moisturizes without leaving a gloss. Other than that, it’s simply a matter of picking your favourites from across the range.