• Peptides play an essential role in anti-aging and skincare because of their ability to boost collagen production and strengthen the skin’s structure.

The power of peptides

Peptides are an essential part of Tromborg and are found in everything from our creams, masks & serums to our Pep Makeup.

Proteins are the building blocks that make up our body – and not least our skin. Proteins consist of small chains of amino acids called peptides. A peptide is a biological molecule containing a combination of two or more amino acids. Our skin needs peptides to maintain and restore its structure and integrity. They act as the biochemical messengers, which opens biochemical processes in the skin to prevent aging.

Peptides are naturally occurring in the skin and for millions of years, insects, animals, and plants have used them for protection. Peptides are needed to produce collagen and other complex skin structures, among other things. They therefore help keep our skin firm, supple and intact – all three of which are factors that help manage the skin’s aging process.

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Peptides can communicate between cells (and skin cells) as well as act as so-called “messengers”. This communication is essential for cells to perform their functions properly and to work together to retain the skin’s natural, healthy balance. By signaling the skin cells, different peptides produce various biological effects in the skin. On the surface of each skin cell, the peptides bond with receptors – the peptides represent the key, while the receptors on the surface of the skin symbolize the lock.

Some of the proteins and molecules naturally occurring in our skin (such as collagen) are too large to be absorbed into the skin. This means that you cannot “just” apply collagen to your skin to improve elasticity. This is where peptides can make a significant contribution, because their smaller size enables these molecules to penetrate the skin and use their messenger function to stimulate the production of collagen. In other words, the peptides boost our skin’s own collagen production by letting it know when it needs more collagen.


Effective anti-aging

As our skin ages, it loses collagen. This affects our appearance in the form of fine lines and wrinkles forming. By using peptides in Tromborg’s skincare, your skin is kept youthful and the aging process is impeded (anti-aging). Since collagen is essential for the structure, tone and elasticity of our skin, peptides in Tromborg’s products can help protect and adjust collagen levels and thus play an important role in your daily anti-aging skincare routine.

If you wish to affect several biochemical processes in the skin, to gain effective anti-aging, it is necessary to add an entire arsenal of peptides to the skin care cream, along with other biological active ingredients. The peptides in Tromborg’s products affect many biochemical & molecule processes in the skin simultaneously, providing optimal effects and promoting anti-aging in collaboration with other potent bioactive ingredients.

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Peptides affect the synthesis of six especially important elements in the matrix of the skin, and in the DEJ (basal lamina):

1) Collagen I – the most common type of collagen in the dermis.

2) Collagen III – also known as ’the collagen of youth’, which is generated fibroblasts in young skin.

3) Collagen IV – anchors proteins in the basal lamina.

4) Heat shock protein 47 (shor tened HSP47) – an essential accompanying protein, necessary for the maturing and stabilizing the collagen types I-V, and for other components of the skin matrix. It functions as a facilitator, ensuring that the most crucial parts in the ECM occur with the highest possible potential.

5) Laminin 5 – a vital component in the chemical structure of the DEJ.

6) Hyaluronic acid – the utmost significant moisture-binding molecule in the skin.

As a result, these extreme peptides have a prevailing lifting effect on the skin. They reduce the volume and depths of wrinkles, making them visibly smoother. They also secures an ideal structure of the skin cells.


  • Anti-age effect / Stimulate and restore collagen production and reduce degradation / Smooth fine lines and wrinkles in the skin / Strengthens the skin alongside other bioactive skincare ingredients

Tri- and tetrapeptides in Beauty of North

The creams of Tromborg’s Beauty of North line contain exceptional peptides from the Wild Type plant extracts, which protects other peptides from the naturally occurring protein degrading enzymes in the skin. The bio-active ingredients, presents an entirely new dimension and generation of anti-aging skin care.

Our Anti-Aging Molecular Messenger Cream from the Beauty of North line contains a form of tetrapeptides that are brand new to skincare. They boost ECM (extracellular matrix) for optimal collagen, hyaluronic acid and fibronectin activity in the skin. All types of wrinkles are minimized, skin roughness is reduced and elasticity is increased, resulting in a smooth, firm and soft surface.

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A cyclopeptide reduces visible signs of aging and improves skin tone and elasticity, while a blend of tri- and tetrapeptides enriches the cream with a new dimension of softness. Tri- and tetrapeptides stimulate the production of several essential collagen types used in the preservation and construction of the DEJ (dermal-epidermal junction). A variety of collagen types work hand in hand to soften the skin – giving you ultra-soft, more youthful-looking skin. Improved elasticity, firmer skin and with wrinkles and fine lines visibly reduced. All of which diminish visible signs of premature aging.

Yet another messenger tetrapeptide, with anti-aging effect, improves epidermal attachment, by stimulating the synthesis of syndecan-1, which is a small glycosylated protein involved in the cohesiveness of epidermal keratinocytes and collagen XVII. This cohesion is fundamental for the link between keratin filaments and the basal lamina. The firmness and elasticity of the skin is amplified, and it provides a glowing and smooth surface.

A peptide complex of tri-peptides and tetra-peptides helps stimulating the five collagen types crucial to a correct functionality of the skin. The result is a new dimension to the skin’s smooth structure – the elasticity is improved for a softer, firmer and more radiant look.