Aroma Therapy Deluxe Soap 15th Anniversary

Aroma Therapy Deluxe Soap 15th Anniversary

Deliciously scented hand soap containing the most exquisite organic mandarin, verbena (jernurt) and mint aromatherapy oils. Softens, moisturizes and nourishes your hands. A touch of luxury you can feel – in the form of our special anniversary edition.


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Marianne Tromborg is the nose behind the scents in Tromborg’s products. She draws her inspiration from the amazing natural environments of the Nordic countries. When Tromborg turned 15 in 2018, we celebrated the milestone with a special anniversary edition of our popular hand soap, which was one of the first products we launched.

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After washing your hands, your skin will benefit from a nourishing & moisturizing hand cream. Our organic hand cream is packed with nature's own wonders that soften, energise and protect your hands.