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Tutorial: Autumn look

Get on top of the changing seasons with this radiant late summer look characterised by its soft colours and irresistible glow. Discover the full step-by-step tutorial for the full look here.


A sun-kissed base will still fit nicely into the late summer season and upcoming autumn. Start out by making a beautiful base that will accentuate your favourite features.


For the base, your need two versions of our popular and luxurious multi-use products Baked Minerals. The silky-soft Baked Minerals are designed to enhance and warm any skin tone.


Start with applying Baked Mineral Silk to the high points of your face and down the bridge of your nose using soft brush strokes. Silk gives your skin that perfect airbrushed finish.

  • Continue with Baked Mineral Bronze and apply it on top of Silk. Focus on your cheekbones by applying Bronze as a contouring powder. You can also add it to your eyelids for a golden look. Then, you’ll be ensured sun-kissed skin even when the seasons change.


    Finish your base with Blush Vintage which is excellent for accentuating your natural complexion. Apply the blush from your ears to your mouth and – when the mood takes you – to the apples of your cheeks to achieve a fresh look and alleviate redness.

  • EYES

For the eyes, start by applying Eyegrease Autumn to your entire eyelid. Feel free to experiment with the four colours until you get the intensity you want – you can’t do anything wrong. The brown and burnt shades fit perfectly into the final golden-brown look and will suit everyone.

Next, apply Shadow Velvet to your eyelid on top of the creamy Eyegrease. By fixating a creamy eyeshadow with a pressed eyeshadow, you’ll ensure that your makeup is long-lasting and won’t look cakey or settle into fine lines.

  • LIPS


Now, it’s time for the final step: Fresh-looking & shiny lips. Lipstick Jumbo Pen #5 makes it incredibly to apply lipstick. Lipstick 5 is a rose/beige shade with a matte look that will give you a flawless & natural result - every time.

Finish the entire look with Lip Cute Clear Pink. This lip gloss gives you the perfect glossy finish without feeling sticky. Keep it in your bag when you’re going out for the occasional touch-up.

  • The late summer look is ideal for a night out to show off your best and most irresistible glow. You can also apply the products on top of your regular makeup and thereby turn your everyday look into an evening look – quickly and easily.

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