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Guide to exclusive skincare sets

Do you want to build the perfect routine tailored to your skin but don’t know where to begin? In this blog post, we teach you how to tackle common skin concerns using Tromborg’s Exclusive sets.

Here at Tromborg, we are often met with the same challenges when we talk to you about your skin concerns. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of exclusive sets that each resolves and improves common skincare issues. Try out an exclusive set that fits your needs, save money by buying multiple products and get a morning & evening routine ready-made for you.


Do you struggle with certain skincare concerns? Learn more about each issue and the solution.


During long Scandinavian Winters and changing weather conditions, it’s difficult to avoid periods with dry skin. Dry skin often feels tight and tends to peel off. Therefore, it is extremely important to add intensive moisture for an instant effect. Moisture is and will always be completely essential for your skin to breathe and reach long-term vitality.


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If you’re looking for an everyday skincare routine that ensures hydrated skin, we recommend our Basic Moisturizer Set. The set is excellent for everyday needs and will provide that extra lift and increased elasticity. We promise that all three products in this set will become an essential part of your morning and evening routine. Combine them with a Tromborg cleanser of your choice.


If dry skin is an evolving issue or particularly problematic for you, the solution is Tromborg’s Dryness & Moisture Loss Set. Keeping it easy and simple to get that much-needed moisture, this set includes everything you need to keep your skin deeply moisturized and smooth and is perfect for all ages and skin types.



Oily skin can be a frustrating problem, whether it affects your whole face or only your T-zone. Oily skin typically produces an excess of sebum and often appears shiny, with enlarged pores. An overproduction of sebum often also causes impurities and acne. However, this skin type has an advantage – namely that it ages more slowly than dry and sensitive skin types.


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Tromborg’s Oily Skin Set lets you regulate oil levels in your skin to create the perfect balance with just a few products: A cleanser, a mist, a cream and a mask.


These 4 wonders will not only moisturize but also regulate and keep your skin in peak condition. Working in harmony, these powerful products provide both instant improvement and long-term results. Best of all, it’s a simple routine with just a few steps that will make your worries about oily skin a thing of the past.



Sensitive skin is not typically a permanent problem. Often, your skin has been agitated by factors such as stress, dry air or sun exposure. When your skin is off balance, it feels tight, dry, irritated and prone to redness. With sensitive skin, you need to be mindful of each product that you use. Maybe you tend to dry out after rinsing your face with water or you might be extremely limited in what types of products you can use directly on your skin.


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Tromborg’s Sensitive Skin Set is put together with sensitive skin in mind, where focus on restoring moisture and using gentle cleansing products is the way to better balance. It does not only make your skin more resistant to external factors but also improves your sensitivity notably. Using this set, you achieve optimal moisture, protection and long-term hydration while boosting your skin barrier.



Working with anti-aging, it’s important to emphasize that we are in no way trying to stop aging permanently. We love seeing that you’ve lived your life and the lines in your face reflect that. Instead, we operate from a scientific and cell molecular principle, where we provide aid to the skin’s aging signs by helping it produce more collagen and adding essential antioxidants, so the skin becomes refreshed and firm. 


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An effective anti-aging skincare routine gives you clearer skin and visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can already start using Tromborg’s active creams to prevent premature aging in your skin from your early 20s. These anti-aging products are also the ultimate moisture booster no matter what skin they are used on.


Our Anti-Aging Set contains everything your skin needs for an intense and instant lift. The products work in harmony to deeply moisturize and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A simple, yet efficient routine.


If you feel like you need an extra boost, we have the Super Anti-Aging Set. This ultimate anti-aging set contains no less than 11 potent peptides and is clinically proven to effectively prevent wrinkles from forming and visibly reduce existing fine lines and wrinkles.



Does your skin get easily irritated or are you struggling with acne and impurities? Skin that is particularly sensitive or prone to redness or rosacea-like symptoms should be cared for in a well, but simple manner. A routine providing plenty of moisture and active ingredients is important for rebalancing irritated skin.


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The Teenage Skin Set is perfect for young skin or problematic skin in general. This combo of products regulates impurities and sebum levels to achieve well-balanced skin for teenagers and everyone else with problematic skin. Despite the name of this exclusive set, problematic skin is not necessarily not age-restricted. All ages can occasionally experience breakouts of acne or similar impurities. If this is the case, you can combine the set with our Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream, which contains 6 peptides and 35 active ingredients and has wrinkle-reducing properties.


If you are bothered by blemishes and regular irritations, you need calming products that will not agitate your skin further but rather soothe and reduce visible signs of irritation. Our Anti-irritation & Redness Set is the ultimate solution for irritated skin and rosacea-like conditions.


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