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Marianne Tromborg's skincare routine

Marianne Tromborg has invited us home to her bathroom, where we can learn more about her everyday skincare routine for mature skin. Learn much more about Marianne’s personal routine and its 4 skincare products in this blog post.


Marianne’s routine consists of the following products:
Herbal Cleansing Water, Biomolecular Peptide Mist, Anti-Aging Glow Serum og Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream.


Each of Marianne’s mornings and evenings always begins with Herbal Cleansing Water.

It’s an oil- and alcohol-free cleanser and makeup remover with cold pressed and organic plant extracts that refreshes, moisturizes and preps the skin for facial cream and serum.

With its special herbal blend of hops, chamomile, lemon balm, yarrow and fennel, Herbal Cleansing Water calms the skin while cleansing deeply.

Marianne uses Herbal Cleansing Water on Tromborg’s own reusable organic cotton pads which gently cleanses makeup, pollutants and dead skin cells off her face. With this cleansing routine, you won’t have to rinse with water which is particularly beneficial for dry or sensitive skin.


Then it’s time for the bio-magical Peptide Mist, that’s filled with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and organic moss. These fantastic ingredients ensure a high moisture level and protect against invasive factors such as pollution and toxicities. Subsequently, the mist will help boost and prolong the biomolecular effects of other Tromborg products.


A few sprays are sufficient and if you prefer a bit of refreshment during the day like Marianne, it’s an amazing permanent addition to your bag.


Now, the skin is refreshed and ready for Marianne’s next step: Anti-Aging Glow Serum. This effective anti-aging booster contains passionfruit and passionflower extracts that soften and relax the skin. Together with hyaluronic acid, these ingredients make your skin reclaim its glow.


Essential antioxidants and microalgae are further added to the serum to re-energise skin and protect the cells’ energy centres.


The Anti-Aging Glow Serum works as the ultimate booster treatment of your skin with only a few drops applied evenly on the face. The result is immediate.


Marianne’s routine ends with Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream. Its 35 active ingredients and 6 different peptides speak for themselves. Peptides are small proteins consisting of small chains of amino acids that relax your muscles and ensure increased collagen production to improve the elasticity of the skin. The added blend of the amino acids’ tyrosine and proline, the energy molecule ATP and vegetable proteins accelerate your skin’s DNA repair mechanism following sun damage and similar.


For optimal moisture-binding properties, the cream is enriched with hyaluronic acid, so even people with very dry skin will benefit from this facial cream. All in all, this Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream is designed to accommodate all types of skin all year round.


If you ask Marianne, the importance of anti-aging products it not restricted to your age. In fact, you can already begin using the products preventively when you’re in your 20s. 

Working with anti-aging, it’s important to emphasize that we are in no way trying to stop aging permanently. We love seeing that you’ve lived your life and the lines in your face reflect that. Instead, we operate from a cell molecular principle, where we provide aid to the skin’s aging signs by helping it produce more collagen and adding essential antioxidants, so the skin becomes refreshed and firm.


We hope that Marianne Tromborg’s routine has inspired you. Remember that no matter what Tromborg product you choose, skincare only works on the skin and not on the shelf! Use them every day – morning and evening.