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Night Cream and natural retinol alternatives

Tromborg’s first-ever night cream is a plant-based and 100% natural retinol alternative.


Retinol (Vitamin A) has several sought-after benefits for your skin but not everyone can use synthetic retinol directly on their skin, i.e., if you are pregnant or have sensitive skin. We have developed an all-natural alternative for retinol that provides the same amazing effects but with no risks of unwanted side effects.


Retinol is well-known for its powerful anti-aging benefits, cell renewal boost and advantages for problem skin. In this post, you can learn much more about what it means when we refer to natural retinol alternatives and how our new plant-based night cream is suitable for everyone without risks.

A Better Night Cream is a 100% natural, organic and plant-based alternative for retinol (vitamin A). A night cream inspired by nature and brought to life by science. The cream works its miracles at night, so you can wake up with refreshed skin. It was developed by Tromborg’s in-house biochemist and produced in Denmark.




How does the retinol alternative work?


Our natural night cream helps to increase the amount of naturally occurring retinoic acids in your skin which leads to retinol-like effects.


The plant-based, pure and natural alternative for retinol added to A Better Night Cream such as phyto-retinol, mastic and herb seeds are capable of hindering the erosion of retinoic acids in the skin. This means that your skin will benefit from retinol-like effects without having to apply retinoids directly on the skin. By using this natural, plant-based retinol alternative you thereby avoid unwanted side-effects such as redness or dry skin.


The moisturizer boosts the natural occurring retinoic acids in the skin which leads to retinol-like benefits.

What are the benefits A Better Night Cream?


By strengthening the skin’s natural levels of retinoic acids, A Better Night Cream has positive effects on impurities and problem skin, since it reduces oily skin and minimizes pores. Perfect for problem skin and long-term anti-aging. Combined, the natural ingredients provide your skin with a lift, improved elasticity and refined pores.


A Better Night Cream thereby has the same age-enhancing results as traditional retinol but without having to apply retinoids directly on your skin. Instead, irritation and impurities are visibly reduced. Overall, your skin will appear healthy, moisturized and improved.


Can anyone use the night cream?


Since A Better Night Cream is a completely natural and plant-based alternative to retinol, every skin type will benefit greatly from using the moisturizer as part of their evening routine.


The night cream is thereby suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, without risk of side effects. This means that A Better Night Cream is also suited for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is not photosensitive and does not require acclimation, meaning that you can implement it in your routine immediately.


Apply A Better Night Cream on cleansed skin as the last step in your evening skincare routine. Let it work during the night and wake up with refreshed skin.



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