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20 years of Tromborg

20 years filled with aromatherapy, organic beauty, self-care and bio-active ingredients.

When Marianne Tromborg founded the company back in 2003 it was with the ambition of developing effective and natural products for the skin.


20 years later, we stick to our core values: In-house science, organic products and scientifically tested products that are simple, yet efficient. The product recipes are our own, and we use bio-active ingredients combined with the newest knowledge of skincare.

20 years of organic ingredients

Everything that can be organic, is organic in our products – and has been so ever since the beginning.


“When we started the business 20 years ago, it was not even an issue. This is also why we have not acquired certifications, but we have our own research and formulations for all products.”


The ingredients have always been organic and natural, a matter that has only become increasingly important to the consumer over time. The demand for high-end beauty products that are good and effective for the skin is the exact reason that we can now commemorate 20 years in the business. An extremely humbling and proud accomplishment for us as a company.

  • “Beauty is a science, and we bring this philosophy to a whole new level by researching for years before our products reach the market.”

20 år med Science Behind Beauty

Beauty is a science, and we call it Science Behind Beauty®. Our biochemist Tim Schyberg and his competent team research, develop and produce under the best possible conditions and with the latest research in mind – it all happens at our Danish research and production facilities.


This unique approach to the beauty industry also means that Tromborg is constantly innovating and testing products for years before they reach the market. We have done the complicated work for you, so you can trust what you put on your skin.


All our skincare products are produced at our own factory surrounded by Danish nature. To support an eco-friendly production, we’ve carefully selected our suppliers. To the extent possible, all suppliers are based locally to avoid unnecessary transit time of the ingredients. The organic and natural ingredients are sourced as locally as possible to ensure top quality.


“Obviously, everything cannot grow in Denmark, but we try to process everything as sustainable and as close as possible – including our packaging.”

20 years of constant development

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary this year, and the first anniversary products are here already. They represent everything we stand for – aromatherapy, wellness, plant power and science. The news so far…


Our two popular serums have been relaunched in a new, larger packaging. With innovative ingredients and bio-intelligence behind them, these serums are created to immediately enhance your skin texture. We have given them a new look and they have doubled in size, now containing 30 ml.


Moreover, you can look forward to trying our new 20th anniversary soap with aromatherapy from mandarin, grapefruit and vanilla. As an extra surprise, we have also released two iconic Tromborg favourites, Herbal Hand Cream and Ginger Deluxe Soap in the same elegant glass bottle containing 320 ml.


For over 20 years, we have researched and developed innovative products that provide visible results for your skin. And we will continue to do so. You can look forward to even more exciting news for your skin during 2023.



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