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Tromborg 20 years: New anniversary soap

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary with a completely new luxury hand soap and two familiar favourites in limited editions.

Aromatherapy & cultivating scents

Aromatherapy is an essential part of many Tromborg products. Aroma means fragrance while therapy means treatment. This aromatherapeutic aspect has been known and utilised by humans for centuries for its healing and nourishing effects.


At Tromborg, we love experimenting with the combination of different scents and active plant extracts that are nourishing and good for your skin. To commemorate our 20th anniversary, we have therefore developed an entirely new luxury soap, while two familiar favourites have been launched in a larger & limited version. As always, the products are packed with wonderful organic ingredients that are good for your skin and nursing for your senses – all of which characterise Tromborg and aromatherapy.

The new products are available in beautiful glass editions and have grown in size, now containing 320 ml in this special anniversary edition.

New anniversary soap

Marianne Tromborg developed this special scent for our 20th anniversary, using a combination of fragrances that will remind you of several characteristic Tromborg scents. Wonderful and energising notes of organic grapefruit, mandarin and vanilla.


The fresh aroma from grapefruit is stimulating and energising, while mandarin is a mild & calming scent. In addition, we have added a touch of vanilla for aromatic complexity. We have previously used mandarin in our 15th Anniversary products, an aromatic stimulant we have since grown very fond of, while grapefruit can be found in several of Tromborg’s bestsellers.

A nourishing experience for the senses each time you wash your hands.

Two favourites in a glass edition

The anniversary soap is not the only news: We have also taken two of our hand care favourites and given them a whole new look to celebrate the anniversary. Herbal Hand Cream and Ginger Hand Soap are now available in an anniversary edition containing 320 ml. The soap contains stimulating ginger, while the hand cream is packed with 20 active ingredients that are healing, protecting and nourishing for the skin.

Enjoy exploring Tromborg’s magical aromatherapeutic universe.



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