Marianne Tromborg has selected some of her makeup favourites. You can combine the products however you prefer to achieve simple & natural makeup – for everyday needs and on festive occasions. Find inspiration from Marianne’s selected makeup favourites and read more about each product below:


The first product that cannot be left off this list is Tromborg’s Mineral Foundation, made of 100% natural minerals. This loose mineral powder foundation acts as a sheer layer of perfect skin, leaving your skin looking naturally flawless and glowing.
Tromborg’s Baked Mineral Silk is one of my absolute favourite products – using pure organic ingredients to provide a wonderful glow. The baked minerals are best applied using a large brush, such as Tromborg’s Brush #5. Dust it onto the high points of your face and down the bridge of your nose using soft brush strokes. This multi-use product works equally well on clavicles, arms and legs, etc. – you are limited only by your imagination.
The next product you simply won’t be able to live without is our “cheeks in a tin”, better known as our awesome Blush in the colour Vintage. Apply this universal shade to your cheeks, starting by your ear and ending at your mouth – and, if you’re in the mood, to the apples of your cheeks for a fresher look. This is an exceptional product for creating shadows and shaping your face. The result is a natural, healthy and fresh look.


An eyeshadow that also suits everyone is Tromborg’s Shadow Velvet. The dusty greyish-brown shade accentuates your natural eye colour while still being discreet, sumptuous and blending perfectly into your skin. If you want a deeper and more intense look, you can combine it with the colour Baked Mineral Eye Shadow Shade. Easy to apply, no under-eye fallout, and perfect for a stunning evening look.
Tromborg’s Mascara Black is an organic test winner that creates a beautiful, natural look with long, curled, full lashes in a few simple strokes. The trick is to coat the outer lashes to create sexy almond-shaped cat eyes, instead of only focusing on the middle section. This works particularly well if you want to avoid heavy eyelids.


Tromborg’s Brow Fix is a must for achieving beautiful eyebrows with the right shape. Simple and effective, a few upward strokes is all it takes to leave your brows looking flawless all day long. A true favourite.


Finally, I have to mention our latest stroke of genius – Tromborg’s Lip Cute. A natural combination of skincare and makeup with organic ingredients and plant extracts that are magic for your lips. Lip Cute is non-sticky and softens, nourishes and provides optimal moisture. My favourite for a lovely, natural-looking everyday wear is the shade Mauve, which gives you a subtle colour and the perfect glow.


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