Summer is a dangerous season for our skin, which is why it’s crucial that you are prepared for the warm season and taking good care of your skin before and after venturing out into the sun. Tromborg offers a selection of organic sun care products that protect and moisturize your skin during the summer months.


Tromborg’s sunscreens are available for both body and face. They are mild and suitable for sensitive skin. Filled with organic ingredients and antioxidants, they fight free radicals and prevent wrinkles. Broad spectrum sunscreen protection from UVA and UVB rays that won’t leave a white cast or feel greasy on the skin.


This Sun Primer DNA Protection is enriched with 20 natural active ingredients, including antioxidants that neutralise the negative effects of free radicals caused by UV radiation, environmental factors and stress. The cream further protects against DNA damage caused by free radicals induced by UV radiation.


Another wonder product to product against the external factors is our bestselling & bio-magical Peptide Mist. The mist helps the skin withstand damage from environmental factors such as pollution and climate change while also giving your skin glow and vitality. The mist further boosts and prolongs the biomolecular effects of other Tromborg products.


If the sun has damaged or irritated your skin, the Aloe Vera Gel is moisturizing and protect against dry and sun-damaged skin. Ideal as aftersun due to its cooling properties and biodynamic aloe vera. A must-have after a long day in the sun.