An effective anti-aging skincare routine gives you clearer skin and visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Anti-aging has nothing to do with age as such; it refers to the aging processes of the skin. This is why you can already start using Tromborg’s active creams to prevent premature aging from your early 20s – in addition to them obviously being tailormade to address the signs of aging that affect our skin as we age.
Here is our recommended solution to the perfect anti-aging routine, which consists of products that can also be purchased as an exclusive set:
Start this simple routine with Biomolecular Messenger Cleansing Gel, which contains organic plant cell lysates to perfectly balance the skin microbiome. An ecological equilibrium, or well-balanced microbiome, plays an important role in maintaining radiant and healthy skin. It leaves your skin clean, balanced, moisturized, toned and with a renewed glow – and a healthy pH.
Continue with Biomolecular Destress Peptide Mist which prepares your skin for the many wonderful active ingredients that are in rich supply in the subsequent Peptide Wrinkle Serum. Anti-Aging Wrinkle Serum consists of a high concentration of 6 potent peptides that instantly – and with lasting results – smooth out wrinkles.
Then apply Anti-Aging Eye Cream to the entire eye area, including your eyelids – an exceptionally gentle treatment for this delicate skin. The super antioxidant, Superoxide Dismutase, in combination with peptides, works wonders and leaves your eye area bright, nourished, lifted and with reduced signs of tiredness and aging. The jar contains 30 ml, allowing you to use it generously on your neck and décolleté as well.
Finish with Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream – containing 35 active ingredients and 6 different peptides that speak for themselves. This powerful cream improves skin texture and provides lasting moisture and a radiant glow. Moisture, elasticity and balanced skin in 5 simple steps.


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