A moisturizing and repairing skincare routine is the way to a healthier, more radiant and balanced skin. Oily or combined skin is not only a puberty-related problem, but can affect people of all ages. And in fact, this skin type has an advantage – namely that it ages more slowly than dry and sensitive skin types.
You can use several of Tromborg’s cleansing products to cleanse oily skin. We recommend a cleansing routine that includes Herbal Cleansing Water, since this product will not make your skin feel taut and stripped of moisture, while at the same time regulating its fragile pH balance, which can be destabilised by tap water. Biomolecular Messenger Cleansing Gel also deserves a special mention in this context, since it contains potent ingredients such as organic plant cell lysates that stabilise your skin microbiome, which is essential for well-balanced skin (homeostasis).
Following this with Biomolecular Destress Peptide Mist ensures optimal moisture and enhances the effects of the active ingredients in the creams you apply afterwards. Tromborg’s Deluxe Face Cream Day & Night Moisturizer and Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream are both great for morning and evening use, as both provide your skin with the necessary moisture. Alternatively, our specially formulated Mattifying Pore Control Cream – specifically for oily skin – is the ultimate problem-solver for anyone who refuses to compromise on their skincare routine.
The Detox Facial Mask and Mud Mask Mineral-Rich are equally perfect options as a supplement to your routine. Both masks eliminate unwanted impurities such as blackheads and pimples and should ideally be used roughly twice a week for best results.