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Glam & Glitter: Holiday makeup classics

The season of Christmas parties is here, and Christmas Eve is getting close. We guide you through simple, yet beautiful and festive holiday makeup classics.

  • Christmas is the season for extra glam & glitter, and we have picked out our most festive favourites. You can explore classic red lips, elegant eyeliner or party glamour. Try something new or relive an old classic. The choice is yours.




The Christmas classic to end them all are dazzling red lips. A timeless favourite for getting into the holiday spirit and which will match anything from ribbon to Santa’s suit.


It is easy to achieve a flawless result with our two lip colour essentials. Use Lipstick Jumbo Pen and Lip Cute together or separately for charming red lips – quickly and easily. When you apply a lip gloss on top of your lipstick, you achieve intense colour quality as well as a glossy finish.

Warm tones that perfectly match the Christmas decor. A true classic at any holiday party.



A bright finish and a luminous look, if you feel like the classic red colour is too much.


Always prep your lips with the nourishing Lip Cure for a uniform and beautiful result.


If you choose red lips for your Christmas look, it is best to keep the rest of your makeup low-key.



Festive glitter eyeshadow is always seen during the Christmas season. Two of our sparkling favourites are Baked Mineral Eye Shadow Light and Baked Mineral Eye Shadow Shade. Both shadows give you a delicate and beautiful glitter look. Apply them both to your entire eyeshadow & just below the eye and blend with your fingers or a brush. Add the light eyeshadow below your brows and in the corner of your eye.


Another cherished eye product for adding a bit of glam around is Eyegrease which, with its 4 colours, can be used as eyeshadow or eyeliner for framing your eyes.


Remember to add eyeliner for an elegant finish. Apply the eyeliner along the edge of your upper lashes or use it on the waterline close to your eye. Next, you apply Mascara. Focus on your outer lashes in order to achieve beautiful, almond-shaped eyes that appear larger.


Finally, style your brows with Brow Fix, either Clear or Brown according to your personal preferences.


Before you lose yourself completely in sparking eye shadow and dramatic eyeliner, always remember to apply a perfect base first. We recommend The Perfect Base. If you want extra glam, you can switch out Baked Mineral Silk with the brighter Highlight variant.


If you prefer shimmer & silver, our New Year’s Look is also great for any Christmas party.