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Integrate serum into your routine

The skincare product of the year is finally here: Advanced Energizing Vitamin Serum. In this blog post, we introduce you to the new super serum and share our tips on how to integrate serum into your routine.


In 2023, our two popular serums have gotten a new look and doubled in size. Further, we just launched a completely new super serum that you can get to know better below.


All our 3 serums were developed by our in-house biochemist Tim Schyberg, are produced in Denmark and are tailored to bring your skin extra nourishment, anti-aging, moisture and protection. We execute research, development and quality assurance ourselves in order to ensure that our innovative products are in order – of course, this goes for our new anniversary products as well.

6 years of research & and a new super serum

6 years of groundbreaking research have led us to develop Advanced Energizing Vitamin Serum, a super serum with 20 active ingredients that brings an impressive multipower effect to your skin. The new serum will...

/ Diminish signs of fatigued skin

  • / Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • / Restore your skin’s energy levels
  • / Reduce redness
  • / Revitalise dry & stressed skin

This serum has been specifically developed to relieve ‘pseudo-aging’ and signs of fatigued skin such as redness and fine lines which results in a visibly enhanced and vital skin structure. Energizing Vitamin Serum is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, peptides as well as a bio-active matrix of organic plant extracts. Combined, they all work together beautifully and effectively in order to renew your skin’s energy and provide visible results through continuous use.


In short: Everything your skin needs brought together in one super serum.


If you are unsure how you best apply and utilize serum in your skincare routine, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Why use serum?

Serum has an incredibly light texture that easily penetrates the skin and is filled with active ingredients that will purposefully relieve specific skin concerns. Due to its thin texture, the serum is quickly absorbed into the skin where the high concentration levels of ingredients mean that your skin will benefit a great deal from its effect. Whether your skin requires long-term moisture, renewed energy, ultimate anti-aging or the prevention of irritation, our serums are amazing additions to your skincare routine.

How often should I apply serum?

We recommend that you apply serum twice a day – in the morning and the evening as part of your daily skincare regime.

When during my skincare routine do I use serum?

To us, the sequence is not too important – as long as the serum is applied to the skin, because after all, that is the only place you will see its effect. That’s why you are free to use our serums both under and over your moisturizer. As part of your routine, serum is most often applied to cleansed skin after a face mist and before your moisturizer. However, it is up to you.



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