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Winter routines for dry & sensitive skin

When the season changes from autumn to winter, harsh weather conditions can easily damage your skin. To prevent dry or tired-looking winter skin, we’ve put together two exclusive skincare routines that effectively protect your skin and give it a boost of moisture. 

These two fantastic winter routines protect your skin against cold temperatures, even if you suffer from sensitive or dry skin. What’s more, you save 30% when buying the entire routine compared to buying the products separately.



3 essential winter products for sensitive or dry skin that will protect, moisturize and bring balance to your skin – especially when it starts getting colder outside.


Biomolecular Messenger Cleansing Gel is the ideal cleanser for the days when your skin is exposed to cold or windy weather. Being the most innovative of the Tromborg cleansers, this gel leaves your skin clean, balanced, moisturized and with a renewed glow – exactly what your skin needs in winter.

During winter, your skin dries out quickly or, if you have sensitive skin, redness and sores might become a problem. Below 10 Degrees Cream is Tromborg’s moisturizer for cold temperatures and is a popular choice for skin types with rosacea-like symptoms, as it prevents dryness and soothes irritation. Below 10 Degrees Cream further contains 20 amazing moisturizing ingredients that boost collagen production and prevent redness.


Cold and dry weather makes it even more important to supplement your routine with a moisturizing and beneficial mask – preferably a few times during the week. This set includes Detox Facial Mask which is particularly suitable for sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin. The mask provides anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the appearance of large pores.

The ultimate luxurious routine for your skin to make it safely through winter with 3 moisturizing, firming and exfoliating products that benefit all skin types.


Biomolecular Destress Peptide Mist is the ideal solution for protecting your skin against external pollution. Peptides and mallow help minimise wrinkles and firm up your skin with just a few refreshing sprays. The Peptide Mist gives your skin a renewed glow and will also boost the effect of both the Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream and Enzyme Peeling Mask.

If you want ultimate moisture and anti-aging effects, Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream is a supreme choice with its 35 active ingredients and 6 different peptides. This active moisturizer effectively smooths wrinkles and ensures that your skin will make it safely through the cold winter days. The cream is also enriched with hyaluronic acid: the most exclusive and ultimate moisturizer in existence resulting in smooth, radiant skin – also during winter.


Since your skin gets extra sensitive when exposed to cold temperatures, you should be careful with exfoliation but not forget about it completely. Use the Enzyme Peeling Mask as a mild exfoliation method and as a fantastic way to treat and destress your skin. The mask exfoliates dead skin cells and enables your skin to absorb your subsequent moisturizer or serum. Soft and vital skin in just a few minutes.


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