Aroma Therapy Body Lotion is one of our top bestsellers and for good reasons: It contains an arsenal of bioactive ingredients for caring and nourishing your skin. The essential oils add moisture and elasticity to your skin while renewing your skin cells. The perfect lotion after a relaxing bath that leaves your skin ultra-moisturized, soft and fresh – pure luxury for body and soul. Use daily for lasting supple, soft and radiant skin.


Tromborg’s hand soaps are the ultimate luxury for your hands. They soften, moisturize and supremely nourish your hands. The benefits of our gorgeously scented aromatherapeutic hand soaps derive from selected pure essential oils. The liquid soap comes in four awesome variants: Ginger, 15th Anniversary, Vanilla and Lavender.


35 active ingredients and 6 different peptides speak for themselves – this is the ultimate luxury for your skin! Pioneering biotechnological innovation combined with nature’s own wonders are the substance of this cream – and the source of instant visible results and an ultimate moisture boost. The Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream contains the latest effective peptides, anti-aging plant extracts and wrinkle-reducing properties. Combine it with our Wrinkle Serum for an optimal and instant effect.


Lip Cure is the ultimate remedy with its lightweight and silky texture. A healing cream that softens and restores moisture to dry, flaky, chapped lips. Contains only the purest, natural ingredients – macadamia, shea butter, aloe vera and vitamin E – for their moisturizing, softening, healing and protective effects. Our shine-free lip cream suitable for the whole family.