If you have dry skin or dry patches of skin in your face, the skin feels tight and might be itchy or peel off. Further, your skin appears dull-looking due to its lack of moisture which is the secret to glow. Dry skin can be particularly sensitive in winter due to the harsh effects of cold weather. If dry skin is not treated properly, it will appear irritated and out of balance which is why daily care with plenty of moisture is a must.
An important factor in caring for dry skin is to avoid cleansing with normal soap, as it might dry up the skin further. Instead, opt for a mild cleanser, such as Tromborg’s Herbal Cleansing Water, that cleanses deeply while still being gentle on your skin.
Dry skin is particularly sensitive to the cold weather during winter, and in the winter months, Below 10 Degrees Cream combined with a protective Face Oil that locks in moisture is the ideal solution.
Add extra moisture to your daily routine by using a facial mist under your moisturizer. Use both morning and evening for best results. All Tromborg’s facial mists are suitable for dry skin, so deciding which one to choose is simply a matter of preference – select the one that feels best for you.
When it comes to a year-round moisturizer, Deluxe Face Cream Day & Night Moisturizer and Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream are both great options. They provide sublime moisture and can be used morning and evening. For exceptional skincare, we recommend supplementing with Anti-Aging Glow Serum, which revitalises your skin and gives it a radiant glow.
Using a moisturizing mask in the form of Multi Vitamin Facial Mask a few times a week will provide the added advantage of balancing your skin.