Problematic skin occurs in all ages, so it’s important to keep your skincare routine effective and gentle, if you have recurring impurities. Always cleanse both morning and evening using a gentle cleanser. We recommend both Herbal Cleansing Water and Biomolecular Messenger Cleansing Gel, as they do not make your skin feel tight and stripped of moisture while also regulating its fragile pH balance, which can be destabilised by tap water.
Biomolecular Destress Peptide Mist ensures optimal moisture levels and strengthens the effects of the active ingredients contained in the creams to follow.
Pure Control Cream is the perfect facial cream for problematic skin affecting teenagers. The cream contains a unique blend of natural plant extracts that effectively regulates and normalises the secretion of sebum – a key source of impurities. The plant extracts inhibit the enzyme that causes excess sebum production, making the cream an effective treatment for acne and other skin conditions. Regulating sebum production reduces oiliness and leaves your skin looking silky soft and glowing.
If you are in your 20s or older, however, we recommend using our Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream, as this also provides the necessary moisture your skin needs as it ages. The Detox Facial Mask and Mud Mask Mineral-Rich are ideal for elevating your routine. Both masks effectively eliminate unwanted impurities such as blackheads and pimples and should ideally be used roughly twice a week for best results.