Sensitive skin is also reactive skin, meaning that the skin is extra delicate and gets easily effected by external factors. A reaction might appear as either itching, burning, acne or a prickling feeling. As such, you should be extra careful of what you put on your skin and avoid over-exfoliation.
A simple routine focusing on restoring moisture and using gentle cleansing products is the way to better balance for sensitive skin. Tromborg’s Below 10 Degrees Cream and Sun Primer DNA Protection Cream are both great supplements, as their advanced ingredients protect your skin against harmful environmental factors such as sun exposure and cold weather.
It is important to prevent your skin from drying out, as this increases sensitivity. Cleanse with Herbal Cleansing Water or Biomolecular Messenger Cleansing Gel, before using Calendula Water and then applying Deluxe Face Cream Day & Night Moisturizer or Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream. Depending on the season, finish with one of the two above-mentioned moisturizers. Using Detox Facial Mask a few times a week is also ideal for soothing and gently cleansing your skin.